Program Overview

Straits Financial Premier (US Feeder) Fund I and Straits Financial Premier (Offshore Feeder) Fund I offer the potential benefits of managed futures as an investment fund.

The Funds provide investors with access to specially selected managed futures programs, and at inception will consist initially on Dunn Capital’s World Monetary & Agriculture program as the primary Commodity Trading Advisor for the fund. 

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The World Monetary and Agriculture (WMA) program managed utilizes a long-term trend following strategy, encompassing a portfolio of financial, energy, metal and agricultural futures markets. The program is almost always invested, either long or short, in each market it trades. The WMA program seeks to extract profits from up and down trends, resulting in a stream that exhibits a low correlation with traditional asset classes. WMA’s average holding period is approximately 6 months. Please note, although it is the advisor's objective to extract profits from such trends, the result of trading activity may not meet such objective as there is a high degree of risk in futures trading.

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